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Treatment of androgenetic alopecia in men and women


1 ml of the liquid contains 20 mg of minoxidil and auxiliary substances: propylene glycol, ethanol 96%, purified water, citric acid.


Minoxidil stimulates hair growth in androgenic alopecia in women and men. It inverts or inhibits the miniaturization of the hair follicles, has a strong stimulating effect on the multiplication of follicle cells in the growth phase.


1ml of the fluid should be spread over the baldness area and massaged into the skin (usually at the top of the head and forehead crevices). The drug is used twice a day.


Hypersensitivity to minoxidil or any of the other ingredients of the drug; with hypertension; in patients under 18 and over 65 years of age.

Additional information

Before use, read the leaflet, which contains indications, contraindications, data on side effects, dosage and information on the use of the medicinal product, or consult your doctor or pharmacist, as each drug used improperly is a threat to your life or health.


sylwia molka

When the product is used, it causes new hairs to grow, but they are very thin and fall out quickly. At the beginning of treatment, the hair begins to fall out excessively (the weakest hairs fall out to make room for new hair). After about 2-3 weeks, the loss of hair loss stops. This effect persists throughout the period of use of the drug. It is worth supplementing the treatment with a hair strengthening drug. Then, small hair that grows back under the influence of loxon can turn into long hair.

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I use the fight against androgen on many fronts and finally, after a year, you can see the effects. In addition to plasma, mesotherapy and supplementation (zinc, biotin, saw palmetto, keratin hydrolyzate, vitamin D, nettle, etc ...) and trichological lotions, for a month now I started using Loxon 2% but only half the dose, so as not to be exposed to side effects and scalp addiction. There are a lot of suckers, especially on the front of the head, but they appeared in front of Loxon. It is definitely efficient and the downside is that it tucks your hair. I do not rub it, just spray it and pat it with a towel and then dry it. Light dandruff appears after it, but then a good anti-dandruff shampoo is enough. We'll see what happens next.

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If used regularly it helps. He suffers from paroxysmal hair loss, probably the result of past stresses. Hair fell apart with every touch. The preparation stopped the hair loss and caused hair regrowth - you can see the regrowth of small, protruding hairs after about two or three months. He has been using it for a year and a half. The downside to having dark hair leaves a light layer on the hair. I don't wash my hair every day so as not to weaken it. I supported the action of Loxon shampoo. I recommend


At the moment, I use this preparation (in my case, 42 years old, Piloxidil, exactly the same and in the same amount and concentration) for about 7 weeks. I started using it when I noticed the thinning of the hair on the tip towards the back and the so-called sun is more and more visible, in addition, for many years I have had slight bends that are very slowly deepening on the temples, I will add that my hair does not fall out particularly well. According to the leaflet, I use the 2% preparation twice a day. AFTER these 7 weeks, I can say that there was no excessive hair loss in the initial phase (so many users of this preparation describe the initial action), the hair begins to become visibly thicker and stronger, and single thin new hairs appear here and there on the temples.


I have been taking the preparation for about 4 months, I read a lot about this preparation on various forums and I must admit that I did not believe that it would work, but I thought, at most, I will lose a few zlotys. The first month was marked by increased hair loss, I was scared because there were actually a lot more of them after the bath than before, but it was written that it was a molting effect, so don't be afraid. I am 45 years old and my hair on the top of my head has thinned considerably, now I see improvement, the hair is thicker and after a hand brush there is not a single one on my hand, previously there were at least a few.

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