Lipsticks and sticks

Lipsticks and sticks
REGENERUM Regenerative Lip Peeling 5G — Made in Poland by Aflofarm — Free Delivery
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Product descriptionLip Regenerum stimulates microcirculation thanks to the use of exfoliating ingred..
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It is, therefore, not surprising that weight loss has become a very topical subject over the years, not only for the obvious cosmetic reasons but also due to increasing awareness of the health risks to people who are overweight. There have been proven links between people being overweight and the development of conditions such as type 2 diabetes, coronary heart disease and stroke as well as some cancers, such as breast and bowel cancer.

Diet. The impact, if any, of diet on hair loss, and what foods you can eat to maximise your hair growth

Hair Care. The role of looking after your hair with good washing routines. Medication. How medication can help slow or stop your hair loss and, in some cases, help regrow the hair you’ve lost.