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Product descriptionFibraxine is a unique combination of lactoferrin and plant fiber. Arabinogalactan..
Błonnik 100 tablets — Made in Czech Republic — Free Delivery
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Product descriptionThe dietary supplement contains fiber, which is entirely obtained from natural so..
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If you've been doing your nails at home these days, you certainly have several options for nail color. Where once upon at time we had to rely on classic nail lacquer, we now have everything from gel polish to press-on nails to nail stickers and wraps to choose from. But if you're not going to a salon for a full manicure, you've likely noticed that some parts of the process aren't quite so easy at home, like removing cuticles. 


Millions of Americans use supplements every day, including vitamins, minerals, herbs or other botanicals, amino acids, or enzymes (via National Institutes of Health). But many may not be aware of whether or not these supplements come with an expiry date, and what to take note of before taking one.