Diprospan suspension for injection 1 ml x 5 ampoules — Made in Belgium — Free Delivery
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Pharmachologic effectDiprospan - anti-allergic, anti-inflammatory.Inhibits the release of interleuki..
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If you have a physically demanding job, try to stay active outside or around the house, or simply sit at a desk and work all day, chances are that you've experienced shoulder pain. According to the National Library of Medicine, 18-26% of adults have experienced shoulder pain at some point. As the most mobile joint in the body, our shoulders are often overused, causing the tendons to be inflamed (via Dignity Health). While there are ways you can avoid back and shoulder pain while working at your desk, it should never be ignored. If you delay getting help for your pain or hope it will go away on its own, you risk further damaging your muscle tendons. According to Advanced Bone & Joint, what begins as a slight pain or a dull ache can soon escalate to an inability to do simple tasks such as washing dishes or brushing your teeth.


With so many technological advancements that help us boost our health, it seems there is an app for everything. We have nutritional trackers, meditation apps, sleep trackers, and period apps, via Hello!. We can set our cell phones to remind us to drink more water, get up from our desks, get some steps in, or even take our vitamins.

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