Ketonal cream 5 % 30g — Made in Germany — Free Delivery

(Ketonal Cream)
Ketonal cream 5 % 30g — Made in Germany — Free Delivery
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Post-traumatic pain in muscles and joints, inflammation of the tendons.


Hypersensitivity to ketoprofen or other excipients of the preparation, salicylates and other non-steroidal anti-inflammatory preparations. Hypersensitivity reactions are known, for example, symptoms of bronchial asthma, allergic rhinitis or urticaria, after the use of ketoprofen, other NSAIDs, acetylsalicylic acid, fenofibrate, tiaprofenic acid. Any history of photosensitivity. A history of skin manifestations of allergies arising from the use of ketoprofen, other excipients of the preparation, fenofibrate, tiaprofenic acid, blockers of ultraviolet (UV) rays or perfumes. The influence of sunlight (even on a foggy day), including indirect sunlight and UV radiation in a tanning bed during the entire treatment period and for another 2 weeks after stopping treatment. Exacerbation of gastric ulcer or duodenal ulcer; a history of gastrointestinal bleeding, chronic dyspepsia (discomfort and pain in the upper abdomen), severe renal failure. Skin damage, rash, skin trauma, irritation, itching, skin infections, acne, burns. Age; III trimester of pregnancy; lactation period. The cream should not be applied to damaged skin (eczema, dermatoses, open and infected wounds). Do not use sealed dressings.


active substance: ketoprofen;
1 g of cream contains 50 mg of ketoprofen
Excipients: methylparaben (methyl parahydroxybenzoate) (E 218), propylparaben (propyl parahydroxybenzoate) (E 216), propylene glycol, isopropyl myristate, white soft paraffin, polyethylene glycol 45 and dodecylglycol copolymer, purified hepatic sorbitan oligohydrate

Method of administration and dosage.

For external use.
The cream should be applied to the skin of the affected area with a thin layer 2 times a day and rubbed in gently. The amount of cream depends on the size of the affected area. The preparation should be used, as a rule, no more than 10 days. The cream can be used in combination with other dosage forms (capsules, tablets, suppositories). The total maximum daily dose should not exceed 200 mg of ketoprofen, regardless of the dosage form used.
Squeeze and sealed dressings are not recommended. After using the preparation, you should wash your hands, except when applying the cream on your hands.
There are no data, therefore, the preparation is contraindicated to prescribe this category of patients.

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