Otrivin Breathe Clean Nasal Spray for Children 100ml - Made in Poland — Free Delivery

(Otrivin Breathe Clean)
Otrivin Breathe Clean Nasal Spray for Children 100ml - Made in Poland — Free Delivery

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Product description

Otrivin Breathe Clean for Children is a nasal spray suitable for babies and children from 2 weeks of age. The medical device is intended for daily nasal cleansing in order to remove excess secretions from the nasal cavity. An unblocked nose allows the child to breathe freely and helps reduce negative feelings in the event of difficulty sleeping and eating, which may occur with a stuffy nose. 100% natural isotonic sea water solution is in the form of a fine mist, thanks to which it is possible to gently and thoroughly clean the stuffed baby's nose and remove secretions.
Otrivin Breathe Clean can be used in the course of colds or allergies to flush excess mucus or allergens such as dust or pollen. The tip of the applicator perfectly fits the natural shape of the nostrils, both in babies and children. The bottle contains a safety ring which prevents the tip of the dispenser from being inserted too deep into the nose and thus prevents injuries to children. The formula of the preparation does not contain preservatives.


For children and infants from 2 weeks of age, to be used for:
  • the gentle cleansing of the nasal cavity in the event of nasal congestion, e.g. in the course of a cold or allergic diseases, by washing away excess mucus or allergens, e.g. dust or pollen;
  • soothing irritated airways;
  • moisturizing the dry or irritated nasal mucosa in case of slight nasal irritation or low air humidity (e.g. in rooms with heating / air conditioning, high altitude, during air travel),
  • thinning and diluting nasal secretions and supporting its removal,
  • daily nasal cleansing, especially for infants who are not yet able to blow their nose on their own.

Usage method

Children and infants from 2 weeks of age: usually applied 1-2 times a day in each nostril under adult supervision.
If necessary, the product can be used as often as necessary.
For hygiene reasons and to avoid contamination of the product, one nasal spray pack should only be used by one person.
Blow your nose if necessary.
Before use and after using the medical device, wash your hands thoroughly.
Remove the protective cap from the nasal spray can.
If the spray has not been used for a long time, spray the spray once in the air before use. If the tip of the dispenser is blocked, wash it with hot running water and dry it thoroughly with a clean tissue.
Lay the baby on his back with his head tilted to the side so that the liquid can drain more easily.
Place the tip of the dispenser into the child's nostril and press the pump briefly (for 2-3 seconds) to spray the spray.
Then, tilt the child's head to the other side and repeat the same steps while spraying the other nostril.
Wait a few seconds for the product to work. Do not blow your nose during this time, but you can dry your nose if necessary.
After each use, clean the tip of the dispenser under hot running water, dry thoroughly with a clean tissue and replace the protective cap.
Wash the dispenser with hot water. Do not use chemicals, disinfectants or washing-up liquid. Do not dry in a microwave oven.


Sea water, purified water.


Do not use if you are allergic to any of the ingredients of the product (see the list of ingredients).
Do not use a product that has been damaged or destroyed.

Important tips

Patients after nose injury or surgery should consult a physician before using the product.
Do not put in a microwave oven.
For hygiene reasons, one package of the product should be used by one person to avoid contamination, e.g. with a cold or flu.
Otrivin Breathe Clean for Children has cleansing properties, so it should be used before using another topical nasal preparation (eg used to treat a cold or allergic rhinitis).
If you have any further questions about the use of this product, ask your doctor or pharmacist.


Pressurized content: protect against direct sunlight and temperatures above 50 ° C.
Pressurized packaging: may explode when exposed to heat.
Keep away from heat, sparks, flames and hot surfaces.
Do not smoke cigarettes near the product.
Do not pierce or throw into fire, even after use.
Do not put in a microwave oven.

Additional information

Bottle with applicator.
The medical device does not contain preservatives.


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