Aliness Natural Young Barley 1800, 120 tablets — Made in Poland — Free Delivery

(Natural Young Barley )
Aliness Natural Young Barley 1800, 120 tablets — Made in Poland — Free Delivery
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Young barley by Aliness is a dietary supplement which, as a completely natural vitamin and natural bomb, helps to replenish the deficiencies in the body by reaching malnourished cells and taking care of the acid balance that is so hard to eat in a hurry, using stimulants and not getting enough sleep. Regular use of barley can help significantly reduce symptoms such as stress and fatigue. It also supports weight loss.


Green barley comes from the juice of young barley shoots and is an innovative and natural ingredient. Young barley juice powder is a richer source of nutritional value than young barley grass obtained from dried and ground shoots. Natural Young Barley by Aliness is a supplement with a high content of active substances. As one of the few, it comes from the naturally squeezed juice of barley shoots, thanks to which it dissolves in 100% in water. This ensures that all active substances are quickly released and absorbed by the body. Natural Young Barley Aliness is rich in many important vitamin and mineral ingredients. It owes its color to the very high content of chlorophyll. It contains, among others: vitamin C, vitamin E, vitamin K, beta-carotene and folivary acid, as well as magnesium, potassium and iron. It is characterized by amazing pro-health properties. Chlorophyll can help treat anemia and neutralize and remove toxins. It also supports the work of the adrenal glands and the thyroid gland. It strengthens the walls of blood vessels, accelerates wound healing and stimulates the immune system. In addition, chlorophyll has antioxidant properties, and therefore supports the removal of harmful free radicals.


natural extract from the juice of young barley shoots (Hordeum Vulgare L), silicon dioxide (binding agent)
Dietary supplement Young Barley 1800 in 1 tablet contains 450 mg of shoots extract - equivalent to 1800 mg of young barley shoots.


1-4 tablets a day.
It is best to take the tablets with or after a meal with water.
Do not exceed the recommended daily dose.

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