Calominal Duo Powder 150 g — Made in Poland by Aflofarm — Free Delivery

(Calominal Duo)
Calominal Duo Powder 150 g — Made in Poland by Aflofarm — Free Delivery
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Calominal Duo Powder for oral solution indicated to fight overweight.


Calominal Duo Powder - the ingredients of the product have the ability to bind lipids and carbohydrates.
Thanks to its properties, the Calominal duo medical device reduces the amount of fats and sugars absorbed from food, and thus the amount of calories supplied to the body;
increases the feeling of satiety and reduces the amount of cholesterol absorbed from food;
through its action, Calominal duo supports weight reduction and control;
use of the product should be combined with physical activity and healthy eating.


Glucomannan, chitosan, citric acid, multitropic flavor, maltodextrin DE 20, acesulfame K, sucralose, beta-carotene, sodium saccharinate.


The packaging of the product contains a measuring spoon that allows you to measure the dose of the preparation. 1 level measuring spoon is 1 dose = 2.5 g of powder.
Weight reduction - take 2 measuring spoons 2 times a day.
Weight control - take 1 measuring spoon 2 times a day.
Dissolve the measured amount of powder in at least 250 ml of water, stir intensively and consume immediately after preparation.

Important information:

The medical device should only be taken for two main meals. When using Calominal Duo, remember to drink at least 2-3 liters of fluids a day.

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