Erotex, with the scent of a rose, 10 suppositories — Made in Ukraine — Free Delivery

Erotex, with the scent of a rose, 10 suppositories — Made in Ukraine — Free Delivery
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Pharmacological properties

Pharmacodynamics. Benzalkonium chloride is a cationic surfactant whose contraceptive properties are associated with the ability to destroy sperm membranes. after the contact of benzalkonium chloride with spermatozoa, their immediate immobilization occurs, and later - the destruction of their cell membrane and the separation of flagella from the heads. The contraceptive effect of the preparation erotic is also realized due to the thickening of cervical mucus and the formation of a film, due to which the ability of sperm to penetrate through the external os of the cervix is ​​reduced.

The contraceptive effect is measured by the Pearl index, for benzalkonium chloride in the form of suppositories, it is less than 1, that is, if it is used correctly and all requirements are met, the frequency of unwanted pregnancy is approximately 1% per year.

The preparation does not affect libido and fertility, it has a reversible effect when it is canceled.

Erotex also has an antiseptic and antimicrobial effect and reduces the risk of contracting sexually transmitted infections, but does not completely exclude it.

Pharmacokinetics. The preparation is not absorbed by the vaginal mucosa, but only absorbed on its walls, easily eliminated by douching with clean water or removed with physiological vaginal secretions, acts only locally and does not enter the systemic circulation. The duration of the local action of Erotex is 4 hours.


Local contraception for all women of reproductive age. The preparation is used both in monotherapy and in combination with other methods, which enhances their contraceptive effect. the use of erotica is especially advisable in cases where the benefits of local contraception are irrefutable:

  • in the presence of permanent or temporary contraindications to oral contraception or an intrauterine device (after childbirth, during lactation, after termination of pregnancy, during menopause);
  • if necessary, occasional protection (irregular sex life);
  • when using oral contraception, if a woman has forgotten or later took a pill (in this case, you should additionally use Erotex on any days of the cycle);
  • as an adjuvant for barrier contraception (vaginal diaphragm) or the presence of an intrauterine device, especially with the simultaneous use of certain preparations (eg NSAIDs).


Before using the preparation Erotex, it is necessary to remove the suppository from the protective packaging and, in the supine position, insert it as deep as possible into the vagina at least 5 minutes before intercourse. during this time, the active spermicidal substance is evenly distributed in the vagina. in case of repeated sexual intercourse, it is imperative to introduce another suppository erotic (one suppository for one sexual contact).

When using the preparation Erotex, it must be borne in mind that suppositories have a moderate moisturizing effect.

Children. Erotex should not be used in children.


Hypersensitivity to the components of the preparation, vaginitis, ulcers and irritation of the mucous membrane of the vagina and cervix. the inability to correctly use vaginal suppositories by persons with mental disorders and persons who do not allow any interventions on the genitals, or people who are unable to understand and agree with this type of contraception.

Side effects

Allergic reactions may occur in patients with hypersensitivity to benzalkonium chloride. in rare cases, irritation, tingling, a feeling of warmth at the injection site, contact dermatitis, itching, burning in the partner's vagina or penis, pain when urinating are possible. in case of undesirable side effects, the preparation should be discontinued. systemic side effects have not been reported.

Special instructions

The contraceptive efficacy of the erotic preparation largely depends on the careful observance of the rules for its use.

To achieve maximum effect, you should remember these rules and follow them:

the preparation must be used before each sexual intercourse, regardless of the phase of the menstrual cycle (using the preparation only on "dangerous days" reduces the effectiveness of the method);

in the case of repeated sexual intercourse, it is necessary to enter another suppository Erotex (one suppository for one sexual contact);

for the hygiene of the genitals, it is prohibited to use soap or other soap-based products for 2 hours before and 2 hours after sexual intercourse, since even minor residues destroy the active substance of Erotex. Use only clean water;

do not douche the vagina within 2 hours after intercourse.

You can not use Erotex without the permission of a doctor if any diseases of the vagina are detected.

Application during pregnancy or lactation. The preparation is a contraceptive and should not be used during pregnancy. At the onset of pregnancy against the background of contraception with benzalkonium chloride, no effect on the course of pregnancy was revealed.

Benzalkonium does not penetrate into breast milk, therefore Erotex can be used during breastfeeding.

The ability to influence the reaction rate when driving or working with other mechanisms. Does not affect.


During the use of etex, it is not recommended to use other vaginal forms of preparations to prevent their possible interaction and reduce the contraceptive effect.

Soaps and other soap-based hygiene products inactivate benzalkonium chloride, which leads to the loss of its contraceptive effect.

Chemically incompatible with iodine preparations.


Overdose cases were not registered.

Storage conditions

At a temperature of 2-15 ° C.

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