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Used to treat acute pain such as toothache, bursitis, tendinitis, back pain, pain syndrome due to trauma, joint dislocation or sprain
The recommended dose for adults, including the elderly and adolescents over 12 years of age, is one 100 mg sachet of oral suspension. Take one bag of Nimesil twice a day after meals.


Pour the contents of the bag into a glass of still water. Stir with a teaspoon until a white to light orange-colored orange slurry is formed, swallow it immediately.
The recommended dose for adults, including the elderly and adolescents over 12 years of age, is one 100 mg sachet of oral suspension. Take one bag of Nimesil twice a day after meals.


Pour the contents of the bag into a glass of still water. Stir with a teaspoon until a white to light orange-colored orange slurry is formed, swallow it immediately.

"Nimesil": instructions for use, composition and reviews

Pharmacological form
Composition, description of the drug
Intended use
Contraindications for use
Use of drugs
Negative Effects
Interactions with other drugs
Special instructions for use
The price of "Nimesil"
The article will consider the instructions for the use of "Nimesil", and will also tell you how to dilute the powder.

Nimesil is an anti-inflammatory drug that also has a pronounced analgesic effect. It is prescribed to patients to relieve pain of any kind, including headache and toothache. It is not suitable for long-term treatment as it can cause a wide range of negative reactions that lead to dangerous complications.

Pharmacological form
According to the instructions, "Nimesil" is an anti-inflammatory drug, it is able to actively cope with the symptoms of inflammatory processes, has antipyretic and analgesic properties. The analgesic properties should be noted separately as pain significantly affects the quality of human life.

The manufacturer of the drug is produced in the form of a powder consisting of granules of a small size. The powder is packed in individual sachets that are used to make a suspension, which is then taken orally. The drug has a pleasant orange aroma. Each sachet contains 2 grams of the drug, corresponding to 100 mg of the active ingredient nimesulide.

Composition, description of the drug
According to the instructions, Nimesil eliminates pain so quickly and effectively that patients often mistake it for a pain reliever. In addition to fitness, the characteristics of the active ingredient should be noted. The properties of the nimesulide molecule prevent it from penetrating the mucous membranes of the upper gastrointestinal tract, which drastically reduces the likelihood of mucositis and contact irritation.

Along with this, the drug has a high degree of bioavailability. Half an hour after applying the suspension, the concentration of nimesulide in the blood plasma reaches 80%. The drug easily penetrates into the affected areas. Thanks to these features, it brings relief quickly and successfully.

According to the instructions for use for the "Nimesil" powder, in addition to Nimesulide, the preparation composition includes such excipients as ketomacrogol-1000, sucrose, anhydrous citric acid, orange flavor.

These substances give the drug the ability to keep the shape of the powder, and at the same time can cause an allergic reaction in patients.

Pharmacologically "Nimesil" is an anti-inflammatory selective inhibitor of the COX type 2 sulfolamide group.

Intended use
What else can you learn from the manual? "Nimesil" is a symptomatic factor that acts upon admission to the symptoms of the inflammatory process. Adult patients are indicated for admission when:

Painful menstruation.
Acute pain accompanying periods of exacerbation of osteochondrosis.
Dislocations, subluxations, sprains, contusions and other changes in ligaments and joints.
Acute toothache.
The price of Nimesil is not indicated in the instructions.

The possibility of admission should be determined individually by the doctor, taking into account the likely benefits and possible risks.

The drug can be used to treat children from 12 years of age, indications for its use in this age group are similar to those in adults.

The use of the drug during lactation and pregnant women is strictly contraindicated. This is confirmed by the instructions for use of the "Nimesil" powder.

Contraindications for use
Do not use the drug if the patient has individual hypersensitivity to the active substance or any additional ingredient. It is strictly forbidden to use the drug by people who have (also in history) hypersensitivity to salicylates and other NSAIDs, manifested by the development of bronchospasm, urticaria or rhinitis.

According to the instructions, Nimesil should not be taken:

In parallel with drugs that can potentially have a toxic effect on the liver (other NSAIDs and painkillers).
In the presence of severe ulcerative inflammatory changes in the mucous membranes of the digestive tract, especially during periods of exacerbation.
In the presence of pathologies of the blood system, accompanied by increased bleeding.
When circulatory disorders in the brain are accompanied by bleeding in the body (in history).
In case of pathological changes in the internal organs of a severe course (hepatic and renal failure, heart activity).
With active liver pathologies.
If the patient is under 12 years of age.
During lactation.
When is the pregnancy.
How to dilute the powder "Nimesil" in the instructions described in detail.

It is contraindicated to use the drug for the symptomatic treatment of patients with alcohol dependence.

When prescribing drugs to people, care should be taken:

With severe hypertension.
Changes in the stomach caused by Helicobacter pylori.
Long smokers.
After pathological changes in peripheral vessels.
It is recommended not to use the drug in patients taking sertraline, fluoxetine (and other SSRIs), warfarin (and other anticoagulants), aspirin, clopidogrel (and other antiplatelet drugs). Parallel use of other NSAIDs and oral hormonal agents (for example, prednisone) is not allowed. This is stated in the instructions for use of the "Nimesil" powder. How to reproduce, consider below.

Use of drugs
Before use, you need to open the sachet with medical powder, pour its contents into a container and dilute with 100 ml of water. The resulting suspension was mixed thoroughly and taken orally.

It is recommended to take it twice a day, preferably after a meal. Preparation of the suspension should be performed immediately before its collection.

It is important to remember that the drug can only be taken by people over 12 years of age, and the duration of therapy should not be longer than 15 days.

Dose adjustment in the treatment of elderly patients is not necessary, unless other drugs are used. Otherwise, the treating physician should adjust the dose.

Patients with moderate degree of kidney damage, dose adjustment is also not required. Reducing the risk of side effects will allow the drug to be taken in the minimum effective doses in a short period of time.

For the treatment of children under 12 years of age, the drug is not used. Children from 12 years of age have been shown to use the same doses as to treat adults. No dose adjustment is necessary in the absence of specific treatment. This is also confirmed by the instructions for the use of the product Nimesil. The price of the drug is very high. This will be discussed below.

Negative Effects
According to the instructions and reviews of Nimesil, in the context of the systematic use of the means, various side effects may appear. The drug has a particularly strong effect on the hepatobiliary system and irritates the digestive tract. Such negative effects as:

The development of gastritis until the appearance of a perforation ulcer.
Development of hepatitis, fulminant jaundice, cholestasis.
Quite often, patients notice the appearance of nausea, dyspeptic symptoms, stomatitis, diarrhea, diarrhea, and the appearance of stool-like stools, which is a sign of bleeding in the gastrointestinal tract. This is indicated in the instructions for the "Nimesil" powder.

Bleeding occurs not only as a result of exposure to the mucous membranes of nimesulide, but also as a result of disorders in the functioning of the blood system (purpura, thrombocytopenia, anemia and other pathologies). Such violations are characteristic of those patients who take the drug for a long time.

Nimesil, like any other NSAID drug, can cause intolerance and allergic symptoms.

In rare cases, patients note the development of such side effects as:

Impaired urination
Increase in the level of potassium in the blood plasma.
Hyperthermia, asthenia.
Bronchospasm, shortness of breath.
Raynaud's syndrome, nightmares, dizziness.
Flushing, blood pressure lability and heart rate, increase in heart rate.
If you experience any negative symptoms while taking Nimesil, you should consult your doctor.

Interactions with other drugs
Nimesulide is able to interact pharmacologically with drugs of the following groups:

Antihypertensive drugs.
Hormonal steroid drugs.
Antiplatelet drugs and anticoagulants.
Other NSAIDs.
SSRIs, diuretics.
Nimesil should not be taken in parallel with lithium preparations and methotrexate.

Special instructions for use
There is no information on the effect of nimesulide on psychomotor reactions as such studies have not been conducted.

The active ingredient "Nimesila" negatively affects a woman's ability to bear children. In this regard, it is recommended to abandon the use of drugs when planning pregnancy.

Nimesulide adversely affects the development of pregnancy and the development of the embryo.

In case of overdose, nimesulide increases the severity of side effects. The patient develops gastropathy, stomach pain, apathy, somnolence, anaphylaxis, bleeding, coma, and respiratory depression. Symptoms are usually reversible. Treatment of overdose is symptomatic.

How to translate "Nimesil" according to the instructions, we explained.

If necessary, "Nimesil" can be replaced with one of the following drugs:

"Ketanov". Clinical and pharmacological analog of Nimesil. The manufacturer is available in injectable and tablet form. It must not be used in the treatment of patients under 16 years of age, during lactation and during pregnancy.
"Nimulid". It is the complete equivalent of Nimesil. Available in several therapeutic forms - soluble tablets, suspensions, gel, intended for external use. It is allowed to use children weighing from 7 kg.
Than. It is the complete equivalent of Nimesil. They can be in such pharmacological forms as suspension, gel, tablets. It can be assigned to young children weighing from 7 kg. Often used as an anti-inflammatory, analgesic, antipyretic agent.
Movalis. It is an original drug, the active ingredient of which is meloxicam. The drug is able to act as an anesthetic, antipyretic, anti-inflammatory. The drug is prescribed to patients from the age of 12 years, however, the suspension form is allowed from the age of 2 if the therapy is administered to children suffering from juvenile rheumatoid arthritis. During lactation and during pregnancy, the drug is prohibited. In addition to the form of a suspension, the drug is available in the form of rectal suppositories, injection solution, tablets. This will be confirmed by the instructions.

The price of "Nimesil"
The average cost of packaging the drug in Russian pharmacies is about 690 rubles. It depends on the region and the pharmacy chain.

Patients who have experienced the use of Nimesil to combat toothache or pain accompanying injuries or algodimenorrhea report its high effectiveness. It is worth noting that with proper and short-term use, Nimesil hardly causes negative reactions.

The negative aspects of the drug are its relatively high cost and high hepatotoxicity. This is the last feature of the drug that prevents its use for a long time.

It is important to remember that the prescription of the drug must be carried out by a doctor, and also that Nimesil is a symptomatic drug and does not eliminate the cause of the pain.

We checked the instructions for use of the drug "Nimesil", how to dilute the powder, its analogues and drug reviews.



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