Verospiron 25mg 2p x 20 tablets — Made in Hungary — Free Delivery

(Verospiron 25mg)
Verospiron 25mg 2p x 20 tablets — Made in Hungary — Free Delivery
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Product description

Tablets "Veroshpiron" are used for the following indications:

  • congestive heart failure in cases where the patient does not respond to treatment with other diuretics or there is a need to potentiate their effects;
  • essential arterial hypertension, mainly in cases of hypokalemia, usually in combination with other antihypertensive preparations;
  • in cases of liver cirrhosis, accompanied by edema and / or ascites;
  • for the treatment of primary hyperaldosteronism;
  • with edema caused by nephrotic syndrome;
  • for the treatment of hypokalemia in case of impossibility to receive other therapy;
  • for the prevention of hypokalemia in patients receiving cardiac glycosides, in cases where other approaches are considered inappropriate or inappropriate.


The active ingredient is spironolactone (one tablet contains 25 mg of spironolactone).

Excipients: colloidal anhydrous silicon dioxide, magnesium stearate, talc, corn starch, lactose monohydrate.


  • hypersensitivity to the active substance or to any of the excipients;
  • anuria;
  • acute renal failure;
  • severe renal dysfunction (glomerular filtration rate <10 ml / minute);
  • heart failure if the glomerular filtration rate is less than 30 ml / minute or the concentration of creatinine in the blood serum is more than 220 μmol / l;
  • hyperkalemia;
  • hyponatremia;
  • Addison's disease;
  • concomitant use of eplerenone or other potassium-sparing diuretics;
  • pregnancy or lactation.

Mode of application


Primary hyperaldosteronism. For diagnostic purposes. Long-term test: spironolactone is used at 400 mg / day for 3-4 weeks. When the correction of hypokalemia and arterial hypertension is achieved, the presence of primary hyperaldosteronism can be assumed. Short test: Spironolactone is taken at 400 mg / day for 4 days. With an increase in the content of potassium in the blood while taking the preparation "Veroshpiron" and a decrease after its cancellation, one can assume the presence of primary hyperaldosteronism.

Primary hyperaldosteronism. Treatment. In preparation for surgical treatment, spironolactone is used in doses from 100 to 400 mg / day. In patients in whom surgery is not planned, the preparation can be used as long-term maintenance therapy at the lowest effective dose, which is determined individually. In the situation described, the initial dose can be reduced every 14 days until the minimum effective dose is reached. To reduce the severity of side effects with prolonged use, the preparation "Veroshpiron" is recommended to be used in combination with other diuretics.

Edema against the background of congestive heart failure or nephrotic syndrome. The initial daily dose is 100 mg and can vary from 25 to 200 mg / day, it is prescribed in 1 or 2 doses. In the case of the appointment of higher doses, "Veroshpiron" can be used in combination with other groups of diuretics acting in more proximal parts of the renal tubules. In this case, the dosage of the preparation "Veroshpiron" should be adjusted.

Adjunctive therapy for severe heart failure (NYHA class III-IV and ejection fraction ≤ 35%). Based on the results of randomized trials of aldactone use, it was found that if the serum potassium content does not exceed 5.0 meq / l, and the serum creatinine concentration does not exceed 2.5 mg / dl, at the beginning of use against the background of standard basic therapy, the dose spironolactone should be 25 mg / day.

For patients who tolerate the preparation at a dose of 25 mg / day well, according to clinical indications, the dose can be increased to 50 mg / day. For patients who cannot tolerate the preparation at a dose of 25 mg / day, the dose of the preparation can be reduced to 25 mg once every 2 days.

Additional therapy in the treatment of arterial hypertension with insufficient effectiveness of previously used antihypertensive preparations. The initial dose of spironolactone when used simultaneously with other antihypertensive preparations is 25 mg / day. If after 4 weeks the blood pressure does not reach the target values, the dose can be doubled. In patients with arterial hypertension receiving preparations that can cause the development of hyperkalemia (for example, ACE inhibitors or angiotensin receptor blockers), the serum potassium and creatinine levels should be assessed before spironolactone is used. Do not use the preparation  "Veroshpiron" in patients whose serum potassium content exceeds 5.0 mmol / l, and the serum creatinine concentration exceeds 2.5 mg / dl. Within 3 months after the start of taking spironolactone, the content of potassium and creatinine in the blood should be carefully monitored.

Ascites and edema due to cirrhosis of the liver. If the Na + / K + ratio in urine is more than 1, the daily dose is 100 mg. If this ratio is less than 1, the dose of the preparation should be in the range from 200 to 400 mg / day. The maintenance dose should be determined individually.

Hypokalemia. The preparation is prescribed at a dose of 25-100 mg / day if the use of potassium preparations or other potassium-sparing methods is not enough.


The initial daily dose is 1-3 mg / kg body weight once or in 2-4 doses. When carrying out maintenance therapy or while using it with other diuretics, the dose of "Veroshpiron" should be reduced to 1-2 mg / kg of body weight. If necessary, you can prepare a suspension of crushed tablets 25 mg.

Application features


In the initial period, the duration of which is individual, it is forbidden to drive a car and working mechanisms, work on which is associated with an increased risk of injury. In the future, the restrictions should be determined individually for each patient.



An overdose of spironolactone can cause conditions and symptoms that are related to adverse reactions and are observed against the background of its administration (for example, drowsiness, confusion, maculopapular or erythematous rashes, nausea, vomiting, dizziness, diarrhea). In some cases, hyponatremia or hyperkalemia is possible, especially in patients with impaired renal function; in patients with severe liver disease, overdose can lead to hepatic coma.


Symptomatic, there is no specific antidote. It is necessary to maintain water-electrolyte and acid-base balances: by prescribing diuretics that remove potassium; parenteral administration of glucose with insulin, in severe cases - hemodialysis.

Side effects

Adverse reactions are due to the competitive antagonism of spironolactone relative to aldosterone (which leads to increased potassium excretion), as well as the antiandrogenic effect of spironolactone.

From the side of nutrition and metabolism: very often (≥ 1/10) - hyperkalemia.

Cardiac disorders: very often (≥ 1/10) - arrhythmias.

From the digestive system: often (≥ 1/100, <1/10) - nausea, vomiting.

From the reproductive system and mammary glands: very often (≥ 1/10) - decreased libido, erectile dysfunction, gynecomastia (in men), breast tenderness, chest pain (in men), breast enlargement, menstrual irregularities (in women ); often (≥ 1/100, <1/10) - infertility.

Storage conditions

Store at a temperature not exceeding 30 ° C, out of the reach of children.

The shelf life is 5 years.

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